Professorships - Disciplines and subjects

The following subject areas are all part of the study of Catholic Theology:

Biblical Theology
Old Testament
New Testament

Historical Theology
Ancient Church History and Patrology
Medieval and Modern Church History - Religious Folklore
Project: Jesuits of Central European Provenance

Systematic Theology
Fundamental Theology and Religious Studies
Dogmatism and Ecumenical Theology´
Moral Theology
Social Ethics

Practical Theology
Canon Law, History of Canon Law and Church-State Relations
Liturgical Studies and Homiletics
Pastoral Theology
Religious Education



The Unpublished Works of the Mayence Suffragan Bishop Ludwig Philipp Behlen (1714-1777)

Research on German Prayer Books      

Jesuits of Central European Provenance      

Theology and Slavery from Antiquity to the Early Modern Age